Russ Shields Invitational Golf Tournament 2023

Event Information

Please register using the online registration link on this site.  Personal information will be captured and stored on our secure server and credit card information will be purged after billing.


Proper golf attire is required.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, so you are ready for action. 


Event Sponsorships:
We encourage you to look at our sponsorship packages.  There are opportunities for every budget and good intention!  Please consider donating tickets to sporting or other events (with starting dates after mid-October, 2023) or other items as raffle prizes.  All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. 


Rain Date:

We have never needed one before (except for that one year we won't mention); why would we need one now?  



It’s a golf course, not a bank.  Worthington Manor does NOT have an ATM.  We can accept credit card payments and checks at the event.


Event Number:

14 (and counting)


Amount donated:

$166,000 (and counting)


Committee Members:
A special thanks to these hardworking individuals who made this event possible!

  • Kathy Loftin
  • Scott Herman
  • Caroline Herman
  • Sonja Twiford
  • Tom Monahan
  • Jennifer Doan Chitolie
  • Chuck Sharrocks
  • Charlie Smith
  • and all of our amazing volunteers!










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